Howard Chaykin - Part II: PARADIGM BEYOND

JUNE 11 @ 6 PM (ET)

The Language of Comic Books: Beyond the Paradigm Art Lesson with Howard Chaykin.


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Comic books rule our cultural landscape today—look no further than all the top-grossing movies. Howard Chaykin’s Paradigm teaches us what shapes, distance, and movement tell us about time and journey. If you’ve been through the Paradigm, you’re ready for step 2: The Page Beyond the Paradigm!

Writer/artist Howard Chaykin has 50 years’ experience in comics and TV. He’s won awards with American Flagg!, continues to challenge audiences with Hey, Kids, Comics!, and yes, even drew the original Star Wars comics. In this visual demonstration, Chaykin takes you inside storytelling to walk you through page layout and show you WHAT works and WHY.

Why horizontals?  Why verticals?  Why insets?  Why white space?

What is the significance of panel size, of panel shape, and its relationship to the rest of the panels on the page, and to the page itself?

A picture is not simply the depiction of an object, or a series of objects, with a panel drawn around it.  How do we define, and how do we create, a picture with narrative value?

Chaykin’s Paradigm classes are not prerecorded YouTube videos or seminars you just silently watch. These are live, interactive classes in an intimate and friendly Zoom video setting where you get to ask Chaykin questions and he gets to see YOUR work in real-time.

Howard Chaykin has MULTIPLE tutorials at TalentTalk. Everyone can find their own level and place to start, but from the most beginner to most advanced, we suggest:
1) The Paradigm
2) Paradigm: Beyond
3) The Paradigm in Practice


Only 20 seats are available for this latest encore live, 45-minute session that will take place Friday, June 11 at 6 pm Eastern via Zoom video conference ( You must have Zoom downloaded on your device (phone, tablet, or computer) to participate. Full details at You will receive an invite to the meeting prior to its start.


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