Howard Chaykin - Part I: PARADIGM

MAR 15 @ 6 PM (ET)

The Language of Comic Books: Paradigm Art Lesson with Howard Chaykin.


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Comic books rule our cultural landscape today—look no further than all the top-grossing movies. But HOW is the language of comics constructed? What do shapes, distance, and movement tell us about time and journey? And how is this all connected (no lie!) to live theater?

Writer/artist Howard Chaykin has 50 years’ experience in comics and TV. He’s won awards with American Flagg!, continues to challenge audiences with Hey, Kids, Comics! In this visual demonstration, Chaykin walks participants through the PARADIGM, the perfect and archetypal visual to illustrate the hidden language, syntax, and vocabulary of comics and the comics page.

BONUS: Participants will also get an ACTUAL three-page excerpt from a comic book script to follow and use what they’ve learned to create a layout based on the principles of the paradigm. Participants ALSO have the option of sending their layouts to Chaykin after the fact of a real professional critique!

Only 20 people will be part of this live, 45-minute session that will take place Monday, March 15 at 6 pm Eastern via Zoom video conference ( You must have Zoom downloaded on your device (phone, tablet, or computer) to participate. Full details at You will receive an invite to the meeting prior to its start.


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