Howard Chaykin + Mark Waid

APR 20 @ 8 PM (ET)

Howard Chaykin & Mark Waid: Shop talk and the COLLABORATIVE nature of comics


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Howard Chaykin & Mark Waid: Shoptalk and the COLLABORATIVE nature of comics

Two comic-creative TITANS team up!


Howard Chaykin rarely works with other writers, preferring to draw his own scripts. One writer he will always work with is Mark Waid. Why? “Mark Waid is one of the two writers with whom I’ve worked with a genuine understanding of the real estate of the comic book page.”


Comics is ultimately a collaborative medium (Chaykin will tell you about the SIX participants). Now, Chaykin and Waid will take you inside that collaborative process with BOTH some informal shop talk and philosophy AND some very hands-on examples of how a writer writes, and how an artist transforms written direction into a visual narrative. Waid and Chaykin will pull from their shared experience and show you what matches up, what gets BETTER, and WHY.

Not everyone can do it all. Two acclaimed creators with almost 90 years of combined experience will show you just HOW the collaborative process of comics works in this 55-minute session that’s full of both fun anecdotes and hyper-useful information.

Only 10 people will be part of this live, 55-minute session that will take place Tuesday, April 20 at 8 pm Eastern via Zoom video conference ( You must have Zoom downloaded on your device (phone, tablet, or computer) to participate. Full details at You will receive an invite to the meeting prior to its start.


Autographed Photo, Recorded Message, Private Meet and Greet

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